We don't shy away from difficult situations


Happiness is contagious and has a positive impact on our lives and those around us. When the calm of your building is interrupted it affects everyone – noisy neighbours, inconsiderate parking, thoughtless disposal of waste... And when the issue is left unaddressed problems only get bigger.

If there's an issue in your building, it's also our issue. We work closely with our clients when these matters arise to work towards resolution in a respectful, supportive manner to bring the building back to a state of happiness.

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Maybe you just need a little help from time-to-time?


Sometimes a sounding board is all you need. Whether you are self-managed or have a hunch your current strata manager's advice isn't right, our services include the full suite of strata management, financial management and document storage or simple advice from time-to-time: perhaps a coaching session with the committee or, in an ever increasing world of compliance, our compliance review service designed to ensure the strata committee is complying and therefore protected from any unintended oversights.

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Are there cracks in the relationship with your strata manager as well as problems with your building?


We intentionally don't have relationships with developers for the referral of new clients. Why? Our relationship is with the owners for the owners.

Check the website of your manager, do they have statements such as "We are here for owners," but in the next paragraph mention their "Developer Consultancy" business? We believe working for both sides during defect rectification is a conflict of interest, trying to satisfy the interest of the developer by reducing their defect liability (and hopefully winning business for their next development) while being paid by the Owners Corporation (ie: you, the owner) becomes murky.

If you are a new building that needs independent, uncomplicated and supportive advice, speak to Prior Strata today to ensure your interests are prioritised.

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Sydney property prices - do they affect strata schemes?


Property prices have been on a roller coaster over recent years and it’s likely to continue. Whether it’s your forever home or you are an investor, we work with you to ensure your building stands out for the right reasons.

This is important when the property market falls on tough times, so you find that buyer or new tenant quickly. We proactively support owners like yourself to ensure your property is that diamond the next owner is looking for. If you are an investor, the frameworks and planning implemented today can be the difference to finding a model tenant or maximising returns when you sell.

As an owner occupier, we want to make sure that the new owner or tenant the building attracts is the neighbour you want. That’s why we work with committees to implement solutions that appeal to the right person for your community.

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If you're not a member, of OCN, join up here, or keep an eye on OCN's events, a great source of invaluable knowledge and networking. Maybe we'll see you at their next event!

Harmonious Communities are our Goal


Street Smart

StreetSmart is a unique charity that believes no one should be without a safe and secure place to call home. Their donors, including Prior Strata, support grassroots organisations doing vital work in our communities.

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